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Pug Breeder Funny Farm Pugs Promotes Responsible Adoption While Taking
 Business From Local to Nationwide With Website.

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Lisa Gallegos is an American Kennel Club registered pug breeder in Olympia, Washington. Prior to becoming a breeder, Lisa ran a dog rescue operation, and has been working with animals most of her life. 8 years ago, she started a pug breeding business out of her home. After much success breeding her pugs, she decided to reach out to a wider audience by creating a website 3 years ago. She now offers her adoption services and shares her contagious love for this canine on her site.

Before the Funny Farm Pugs Website:

Prior to Lisa's web presence she advertised her business on the back of her SUV and on a sign in front of her house. Referrals were mostly through word of mouth from satisfied clients. She quickly identified her growing need for a website, "I wanted to be able to share my love of the breed and reach more people, and also wanted a place to display pictures and information". Key to choosing WebsiteWorks was the fact that Lisa wanted to independently create and update her site. She didn't want to use a programmer to make changes. She elaborates, "I wanted to use a company that made it easy for amateurs and beginners to be able to design and maintain a professional looking website".

After the launch:

The website has changed the way Lisa operates on a day to day basis, freeing up her time and allowing her to spend more important time with her dogs and her family. "I spend much less time on the phone!" She adds, "I love the forms because I can customize them to help me get to know the individual needs of each potential adoptive family right away. This has cut down on a lot of time spent emailing back and forth".

To generate interest in her site, Lisa advertises on websites she knows her potential clients are visiting. She experiences good results by advertising on breed and puppy search engines. Visits to Lisa's site are now coming from all over the USA and Europe, which is a far cry from advertising at the bottom of her driveway and on her SUV. Feedback on Lisa's site is overwhelming. The guestbook has many entries from visitors around the world thanking Lisa for all the information she provides on the site about caring for pugs. Lisa explains "A lot of clients/families tell us that our website was instrumental in helping them find out if this is the breed for them". Families that have adopted pugs from Lisa often come back to the site and use the guest book and messageboards to share stories about their pugs and thank Lisa for providing a great service. The site has unexpectedly become a central meeting place for her pug adoptive families.

Lisa's delighted with what her site has achieved for her business. "Business increases every year and I know it has a lot to do with the fact that we share a lot about ourselves and our dogs on the site". Sounds like Lisa is achieving her goals of educating dog owners and finding good home for her pups. Arf!

More Customer Success Stories More Customer Success Stories More Customer Success Stories More Customer Success Stories